We're Back!

Updated February 15, 2021

Welcome back friends! We're so happy we're finally allowed to reopen and take care of all the scruffy dogs.


Thank you for the support and extreme patience while we were closed, and during the nightmare that was emergency-only services.


We're phasing out emergency services this week and are calling people on our waitlist to book in regular appointments.


After the first shutdown our phone line became so crazy it was unusable. We want pet parents to be able to call and see how their dog is doing while it's in our care, so to prevent an influx of calls, we're asking that for the time being, appointment requests are made by email only. You can reach us at thefriendlygroomer@gmail.com.


Nail trims will be by appointment only until we're sure we're not going to have a a bunch of people arrive at the same time for trims.


We are going to continue to be annoyingly vigilant with our Covid protocols. I say annoyingly because sometimes it causes appointment delays or reschedules.


Again, a big thank you to everyone for your patience and continued patronage.


Stay healthy and safe <3