Dear Customers, 


We’ve made a number of necessary changes to how we do business in order to be in compliance with Provincial COVID-19 Guidelines. Please take note of the following:


Suspended Services

·      All walk-in services are suspended – All appointments will be by appointment only, including nail trims. 

Managing Traffic Flow

·      In order to reduce the number of people entering our premises, only one adult per household is allowed in the salon to pickup/drop-off your dog. Note, there will be exceptions to this, for example, we understand single parents may need to bring their child.

·      Customers will not be permitted to wait in the salon while services are being performed on their dog. 

·      The front door will be locked and only opened for those with scheduled appointments.



·      Customers will be asked to sanitize their hands (sanitizer will be provided) before entering the salon. 

·      Customers will be asked to remove their dog’s leash prior to the groom and putting it back on their dog themselves when the groom is complete.



·      All matting charges will be temporarily waived. We understand that owners have done their best to keep their pet matt-free while social distancing. 

·      Matt removal – This is a reminder that we do not offer de-matting services. Even prior to COVID-19 we felt this practice puts dogs through unnecessary discomfort. Dogs with excessive matting will be shaved down.



·      We require that any customers experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms cancel their appointment and reschedule it for once the symptoms subside. 


Refusal of Service

·      We will not provide grooming services to customers who do not adhere to our COVID-19 Protocols.


Please note these guidelines will be revised periodically.

Thank you for your cooperation and help in keeping us all healthy.



Stay Safe, 


Beth Tonken, Owner

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