Welcome to your friendly neighbourhood dog grooming salon.

Since opening in Wortley Village in 2013, our mission has been to provide Londoners with a friendlier grooming experience. This vision has resonated with pet parents and has allowed us to expand to our current location at 6 Stanley Street and employ some of the City’s most talented groomers. 


Being friendly first and foremost means providing dogs with a safe and fun grooming experience. We’re known for our open concept salon where dogs are free to play with one another, curl up on a chair or look out the window after their bath and while waiting to be picked up. Each groom is approached with the patience and compassion that we'd want shown to our own four-legged family members. Our experienced team has a knack for reassuring even some of the more nervous dogs while consistently providing beautiful, easy care grooms.


Our success can largely be credited to the overwhelming support from the community. We pay this support forward by being a friendly neighbour through donating our services to local rescue groups, hosting dog walks from our salon and by participating in community events.


Finally, to us, being friendly means being friendly to our customers’ wallets.  We aim to provide our customers with the best bang for their buck – Even our most basic grooming services include quality shampoo and conditioner, a blueberry facial, complimentary bandanna and a spritz of doggy cologne.


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